I f, in the title of this volume, the author has used the word minister, in rather an unusual latitude ;its adjective will serve to explain, and restrict it. The domestic minister, intends, not the pastor, or preacher ;not the servant of the Most High God, who officially shows unto men the way of salvation but he, who adopts the resolution of Joshua As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. The preservation and spread of religion should not depend, exclusively, on a particular order of men, however important their functions may be. j3Z christians, in their respective stations, ought to co-operate with those, who arc, by designation, workers together vith God. It ought to be a matter of thankfulness, that the number of ministers, properly so called, who enter into the spirit of their office, and preach the truth as it is in Jesus, is exceedingly increased. But compared with the field, and the vastness of the work, the labourers are yet few.

Prayers For The Use Of Families

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