“Our love to God is measured by our everyday fellowship with others and the love it displays.”


 -Andrew Murray



The Alley is a beautifully restored alleyway that has been transformed into an amazing area perfect for both hosting events and individual use. This spot can be used for grabbing coffee with a friend, reading a favorite book, throwing parties, and even weddings. If you think it is pretty during the day, you should see it at sunset when the lights come on. The Alley is a beautiful location that is available for your use any time.

The Monastery



 (ˈmɒn əˌstɛr i) 

1. a place of residence occupied by a community 

of persons, esp. monks, living in religious seclusion.

A place of seclusion in which a person can devote serious time to focusing on religious studies: that is exactly what "The Monastery" was created for. Rather you are an individual needing a place to study or a group looking for a cozy spot to host your bible study, this room is perfect for you. Here at The Rock, we host bi-weekly bible study classes that are available to the entire community. Just check our "Upcoming Events",

In addition to being a great spot for churches and individuals, "The Monastery" is also available to any person or group needing a space to host an event. This room has been used for baby showers, wedding showers, business meetings, a study room for college students, and much more. With large dining room tables and couches, this room feels like a home away from home. 

Do you need a space for your next event? Contact us to reserve a spot for your group.

email: therock310.web@gmail.com

phone: 256-320-7653